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ABOUT Machine Tool Technology & Sales

Our Purpose - To make your work SMARTER, SIMPLER, & FASTER!

We will define your needs...

Your company is unique. So is the solution. Defining your needs to get the best return on your investment.

for cost effective solutions...

For cost effective solutions... MTTS has answers to YOUR problems Offering cost effective solutions to fit the project requirements.

With complete support...

You will find knowledgable support. Providing training and complete support for all products.

And automation tools!

You will find knowledgable support. Providing training and complete support for all products.

Why Choose MTTS?


Experience! Experience! Experience!
  • You can never lose if you "Go with Experience!"
  • MTTS was established in 1985, years ago
  • Our staff have over 100 years combined experience
  • MTTS was first CAM reseller in the USA

    Full Service

    Complete and on-going support at every stage
  • Pre-sale analysis of your needs
  • The highest level of support
  • Training, at our training centers or at your shop
  • Ongoing updates in software
  • Guaranteed Post Processors

    Software Integration

    Integrated Software Solutions for Lean Manufacturing
  • Full compatibility of software files and open data exchange
  • CAM for the most advanced and feature rich NC programming available
  • EUREKA G-Code Simulation for increased productivity, avoid collision issues
  • Automation & Custom Addins

  • experience

    Our Products

    Here are the things we provide


    U-Axis Module

    MTTS Exclusive!

    The MTTS ® CAM U-Axis add in Module for Countouring Heads
    Simulate and Output ONE NC Program. U-Axis Module for ® CAM. Works on any U-AXIS Contouring Head Machine, either factory integrated or 3rd party bolt-on heads:

  • Trevisan Horizontal Machining Centers
  • Fives Giddings & Lewis
  • ITS Contouring Heads
  • Cogsdill ZX Systems
  • MAG Systems
  • D'Andrea U Tronic Boring And Facing Head
  • More
    U-axis Module One NC Program. One Simulation. One Setup. Our Add in creates a unified programming environment inside ® CAM that allows you to address all axes to output a single NC program, not two! The advanges are tremendous:
  • ONE PROGRAM. A single G-Code output means no need to edit or otherwise paste separate programs together.
  • ONE SIMULATION! 's world-class simulation will display and run collision checking on your program in a single pass.
  • ONE SETUP. Save time by avoiding multiple machine and part setups.
    Included: Post Processor for your machine with the add in

    You'll be ready to prove out and run parts sooner because everything you need is included. The add in is a fast-running dll which will not interfere with other installed macros.

    MTTS always guarantees Post Processors will work as intended! Nothing else to purchase.

  • Custom Postporcessors

    Custom Postprocessors (video)

    MTTS has an extensive library of custom post processors. We can sell and support posts for ® CAM customers worldwide.

    Special Posts:

  • Trevisan (Video)
  • Index (Video) Please contact us for specific machines and we will be happy to provide you with the best post available.

    MTTS always guarantees Post Processors will work as intended! Nothing else to purchase.


  • ® CAM

    ® CAM

    ® CAM is a powerful, high-performance, full-spectrum CAM system whether you need milling, turning, wire EDM or Swiss machining, or any combination. It is fully modular and scalable which means your ® CAM software can be upgraded anytime in the future as your needs change.
    Program any machine with the extensive post processer library Program any part geometry with the appropriate modules High-performance cutting cycles for fastest production and long tool life
    With the powerful and flexible ® CAM 3D CAD CAM Software, valued by CNC programmers for its extensive suite of machining cycles, comprehensive tool control.

    ® CAM users have several modes of support available which makes NC programming better, faster and more effective.
    The high-performance ® CAM system offers powerful programming for any CNC machine tool. 's full-spectrum functionality.

    ® CAM and MTTS partners have developed technologies that make you more productive.
    Phone: (817) 861-9748 ext 101

    Eureka G-code Simulation



    MTTS is your authorized reseller for Eureka in North America.
    Eureka performs a complete 3D-simulation of machine tools through a simple and intuitive graphical interface, starting from the G-code. Eureka helps to avoid risks of damaging expensive work pieces, breaking tools and fixtures or even crashing a CNC machine because of programming errors.

    The executed NC code, the used tool, the feed rate and other
    useful information are displayed as well during the simulation.

    An CAM Plug in to seamlessly integrate Eureka
    simulation from Roboris with . Eureka supports
    any kind of machine and any controller on the market.
    Verification - Thanks to the possibility of customizations at any level many important manufactures have chosen Eureka as their own verification software and as a solution for their customers.

    Eureka supports any kind of machine and any controller on the market like: Heidenhain, Fanuc, Siemens, Num, OSAI, Z32, Fidia, Selca. Other controllers can be easily integrated on demand.

    Production - Simulation of multiple workpieces, multiple pallets and multiple origins machining, including tool changes and piece probing cycles.

    Training and Education - Eureka is a useful tool for the training of new personnel and for teaching ISO programming when no actual machines are available.
    Result Analysis - Analyzes and compares the digital model with the machined stock, highlighting areas below or over tolerance.
    • Optimization - Analyzes the machining result to remove mistakes, decreases the production time and allows to generate time summary reports.
    • Eureka Mobile - Thanks to EurekaMobile any simulation made by Eureka Virtual Machining can be reviewed and analyzed anywhere on any mobile device.
    Review - Machine tool operators can now review the NC program simulation on their own mobile devices enabling an optimal machine setup. Potential critical issues flagged by the technical office can also be easily identified.

    In addition to the 3D simulation of the machine movements, EurekaMobile provides a detailed analysis of any messages, warning and/or errors generated during the simulation. In case of collision, the colliding parts are highlightted in 3D to easily identify the issue.
    See EUREKA Virtual Machining Videos on Youtube (opens new window)
    The EurekaMobile app is available for any iOS and Android device. A standalone Windows application is also available.

    Phone: (817) 861-9748 ext 101


    • Help Desk

      • ® CAM Customer support is available via phone or email. For helpdesk or other support for current customers please use the contact information on the right, in particular extension 101.

        NOTE: For pre-sales questions about products please call the general number listed on the upper right of this page with extension 100.
      • Phone: (817) 861-9748 ext 101
    • ® CAM Training
    • MTTS offers ® CAM initial user training as well as update training available in frequently scheduled classes in the DFW training center.
      Location: Dallas/Fort Worth North Texas Area
      Call 817-861-9748 ex 100 to schedule training.
    • Custom Scripting and Programming
    • We offer custom ® CAM API programming to automate your tasks. Get the most from your ® CAM software.
      Significantly reduce programming time on repetitive parts, often saving hours or even days of tedious programming Cost effective because it saves you programming time PLUS your parts are ready sooner. Get the most out of your ® CAM software. Automation & Scripting ® CAM has two built-in tools for automatiion. MTTS can use either or both of these tools to speed up your programming: Knowledge Base - The SQL library built into ® CAM to apply your best processes to feature-based programming. API Programming - Using dlls and programming to create custom Add-Ins customized for your shop. Great for "family of parts" programming.


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